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NEWS: [00:02:02] REPORT: Bryan Singer Dropped from Red Sonja Reboot (via CBR) Annapurna Lost At Least $8 Million on ‘Beale Street,’ ‘Vice’ Was...View Details

DID IT AGE WELL?/WAS IT WORTHY?: (00:11:18) "Schindler's List" (1993/2018 re-release)   FLICKS:"Minding the Gap" (2018) [00:38:54]SLS Cast rating: n/...View Details

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32: [00:08:01] Three Favorite Flicks [before the age of twelve]   FLICKS:"Bohemian Rhapsody" [00:33:17]SLS Cast rating: 3.25 Matt's rating: 3.5 Tim's...View Details

NEWS (00:14:49): Terry Gilliam Hasn't Lost the Rights to "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote", Claims His Producer (IndieWire)

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Errors of Continuity  Episode Four: THE 'HALLOWEEN' MOVIE SERIES (Part Two) 1989 - 2002     Special Guest: Harry J. Perales Website: Unauthorized...View Details

NEWS (00:13:50):    

THE FLICK:  (00:35:00) "IT" (2017)

SLS Cast rating: 4.5 Matt's rating: 4.75 Tim's rating: 4   


Mail in the Sack (00:07:20): Dirty Dianae and Johnny Whitetrash  

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