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News (00:16:10)   3²: (00:41:05): Three Favorite Last Lines   The Flicks (00:58:50): 

"My Left Foot"  SLS Cast Rating: 4.75  Matt's Rating: 4.5 Tim's...View Details

Episode 145: Aloha `ino!

News (00:14:00): 3²: (00:40:15): Three Unique Self-Reflexive Films  The Flicks (01:08:08): "Von Ryan's Express  SLS Cast Rati...View Details

News (00:10:05): Masterpiece Discussion (00:22:00): A Retrospective of the films of Wes Craven The Flicks (00:52:00): "Patch Town"&nbsp...View Details

News (00:9:50):  

Masterpiece Discussion (00:35:10): Where Have All The Cheery Teen Movies Gone?    The Flicks (00:53:30):  ...View Details

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