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Hey Cinephiles! As a heads up, our audio sucks this week. We were forced to only use our Skype recordings, so you get to hear all of the unedited soun...View Details

News (00:11:00): The Flicks (00:39:05):Oscar Nominated Foreign Flicks:(00:39:30) "Theeb"  SLS Cast Rating: 4 Matt's Rating: 4...View Details

News (00:22:10): The Flicks (00:49:40): Oscar Nominated Docs  (00:49:40) "Amy"  SLS Cast Rating:  Matt's Rating:  Tim's Rating: (00:57:50) "What Happe...View Details

News (00:14:45): The Flicks (00:41:00): (00:41:00) "Shaun the Sheep Movie"  SLS Cast Rating: 3.5  Matt's Rating: 3.5 Tim's Ra...View Details

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