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Did It Age Well? (00:45:30): "Independence Day" (1996)

The Flicks: 

(00:57:10) "Independence Day: Resurg...View Details


3²: Three Favorite Bad Guy Songs 

The Flicks: 

"Finding Dory"  SLS Cast Rating: 3  Matt's Rating: 3...View Details

Masterpiece Discussion (00:11:50):  

The Flicks:

(00:38:29) "Kindergarten Cop 2" SLS Cast Rating: 1  Matt's Rating: 1 Ti...View Details

  NEXT WEEK! Flicks: "The Do-Over" & "Kindergarten Cop 2"         &...View Details

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3² (00:43:50): Three poster designs that ripped off an original movie poster    

...View Details

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