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  MAIL SACK: (00:09:50) From Dianae @Dianae173    FLICK: 

(00:14:25) "My Cousin Rachel" (2017)

SLS Cast rating: 3.25 Matt's rating: 3.25 Tim's ratin...View Details

MAIL SACK: (00:05:00) From Dianae @Dianae173    FLICKS: 

(00:09:30) "Wind River" (2017)

SLS Cast rating: 4.25 Matt's rating: 4 Tim's rating: 4.25 ...View Details

NEWS (00:13:50):    

THE FLICK:  (00:35:00) "IT" (2017)

SLS Cast rating: 4.5 Matt's rating: 4.75 Tim's rating: 4   

COPYCAT THROWDOWN: (01:0...View Details

  Errors of Continuity  Episode Two: STIEG LARSSON'S THE MILLENNIUM TRILOGY & BEYOND (Part Two)     Special Guest: Johnny Whitetrash Website: ...View Details

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