Archive for March 2018

NEWS: (00:04:13)

The Weinstein Company files for bankruptcy and ends prohibitive NDAs via The Verge "Penis Facials" Are Hollywood's Fav...View Details

CRÈME-DE-LA-CRAP: (00:05:27) Andy Sidaris' "Picasso Trigger" (1988)  


(00:25:39) "Gringo"

SLS Cast rating: 2 Matt's rating: ...View Details


(00:7:50) From Dianae! (@Dianae173 on Twitter!)  


(00:13:11) "Paddington 2"

SLS Cast rating: 4.75 Matt's rating: 5...View Details

NEWS: (00:17:30)

What is the John C. Reilly Award, and How Did Michael Sthulbarg Just Become the First Person to Win It in 15 Years? via Indie W...View Details

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