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      Discussions with Matt & Tim: [00:06:10] Join Matt & Blain (filling in for Tim) as they discuss the finer points of all things batty, cat...View Details

DISCUSSIONS WITH MATT & TIM (SPECIAL GUEST HOST, JOHNNY WHITETRASH) (00:04:35): Matt and Johnny discuss the finer points of all things Batman in t...View Details

News (00:11:20):     The Flicks:  (00:45:25) "Dunkirk"

SLS Cast rating: 4.25 Matt's rating: 4.25 Tim's rating: 4

(01:03:45) "The Big Sick" 

SLS C...View Details

Greetings, Movie Junkies!Well, due to some goings on with the L.A. power grid, we present a damn near live experience! So, forgive the rough edges, an...View Details

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