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3² (00:43:50): Three poster designs that ripped off an original movie poster    

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3² (00:49:50): Our favorite 80's movie theater trailers     

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  3² (00:39:35): Favorite George Kennedy Performances


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(00:56:00) "Zootopia...View Details

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3² (00:41:20): Strange Casting Choices for Real-Life People


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(00:58:20) "Learni...View Details

News (00:11:26):   3² (00:39:40): Alan Rickman Performances   The Flicks (00:59:05): 

(00:59:05) "Trumbo"  SLS Cast Rating:...View Details

News (00:11:05):   3² (00:39:05): David Bowie Performances   The Flicks (00:57:25): 

"Brooklyn"  SLS Cast Rating: 3.75&nbsp...View Details

News (00:13:20):   3² (00:50:50): Unsuccessful Movies that FAILED to live up to their Hype   The Flicks (01:12:50): 

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News (00:18:10):   3² (00:38:05): Movies that are Better than the Books (yes, there are some!)   The Flicks (00:59:00): 

"Spotlight"  SLS Cast Rating...View Details

Happy Thanksgiving! (...if it applies to you) And... Gobble Gobble, Bitches!"A two-pound turkey and a fifty-pound cranberry—that's Thanksgiving dinner...View Details

Matt reads a SUPER long "Tweet" (00:15:45):Tim's News (00:40:12):

3² (00:54:10):A Forgotten Film Actor and Three Films that Best Represents His Wor...View Details

News (00:16:10)   3²: (00:41:05): Three Favorite Last Lines   The Flicks (00:58:50): 

"My Left Foot"  SLS Cast Rating: 4.75  Matt's Rating: 4.5 Tim's...View Details

News (00:17:05):   3²: Our Favorite Special Effects Sequences  (00:30:45): Matt's Picks> "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest"...View Details

News (00:13:10):3² (00:32:58): Actor or Actress who no matter what role they play, you ONLY think of as a particular character The Flicks (00:45:...View Details

News (00:11:00):3² (00:34:55): Songs that Makes You Think of Movies  The Flicks (00:52:15):  "Zombeavers"  SLS Cast Rating: .5&nbs...View Details

News (00:20:34):3² (00:44:20): Underrated Actresses and three films that best represents them The Flicks (01:00:00):  "Skeleton Twins"  SLS Cast Ratin...View Details

News (00:21:10):3² (00:39:05): Underrated Actor and three films that best represents his career The Flicks (00:54:45):  "Pride"&nb...View Details

News (00:15:55):3² (00:40:37): The Works of Leonard Nimoy  The Flicks (00:54:07): "An American Crime"  SLS Cast Rating: 3.5&n...View Details

News (00:20:05):  3²: Oddball Movies that stuck out, but have Largely Been Forgotten (00:44:15):Tim's: "Mystery Men" (1999) "The Life A...View Details

News (00:12:11):Rich Ross Vows to Clean Up Discovery Channel's Act3²: Performances of Taylor Negron (00:38:35):Tim's: "Better Off Dead" (198...View Details

Greetings, Movie Junkies!Well, due to some goings on with the L.A. power grid, we present a damn near live experience! So, forgive the rough edges, an...View Details

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