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What, exactly is a SLS anyway? Well, if you haven't read the banner, it stands for Silver Lenticular Screen. This was the most prominent type of screen used in the early years of cinema, that actually had silver in it as the silver created the best reflective surface for viewing, hence "The Silver Screen." It even made a comeback of sorts a few years back as it was the best reflective material for 3-D movies.

So, now that education time is over, a little bit about the show and it's hosts. The show is a film podcast, and covers all genres from all periods. Which means that you're likely to hear discussions and reviews on films like "Wuthering Heights" and "Transformers" in the same episode. The show also has movie news, as well as bonus segments like '3²,' 'I'm the Only One Who Liked It,' and 'Masterpiece Discussion, a.k.a. Discussions: with Matt & Tim.' Matt is the older, settled-down type living in Houston with the wife and kids, who loves to share the oddities that come with said lifestyle, while Tim is the young, jet-setting type; an up-and-coming screenwriter/actor/film maker who lives in Los Angeles. When these two get together, hijinks, shenanigans, and good discussion follow. There's even some very lively--read heavily argumentative--debate from time to time.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Don't forget to subscribe via the site and/or iTunes, favorite the show on Stitcher, and even find us on Soundcloud. Want to know more, or simply harass Matt & Tim for some reason?

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