Archive for April 2013

We're back baby!

On this subcultured episode of The SLS Cast with Matt & Tim, we discuss "Baymagedon", Transformers 4 turnin' Japanese, Gus Van...View Details

Good Day!

On this episode Matt & I chat about the  latest Star Wars info, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Jonathan Winters, Herds of Gallimimus and much MUCH mo...View Details

Hello Movie Folk!

In store for you guys is a very sexy episode of The SLS Cast. We have Andy filling in for Matt - who is on vaca. On this episode,...View Details

Hello one and all!

Today, I bring you Episode 17 of The SLS Cast with Matt & Tim. On this episode we discuss a possible Evil Dead/Army of Darkn...View Details

Greetings, Movie Junkies!

We have a pretty standard issue episode this week. Tim and I have some interesting movie news, our 3² is all about sequel...View Details

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