We're back baby!

On this subcultured episode of The SLS Cast with Matt & Tim, we discuss "Baymagedon", Transformers 4 turnin' Japanese, Gus Van Sant: 50 Shades of Sexiness, Dodgeball Dos: Lance Armstrong Takes it on the Chin and Ebert VS. Stiller.  In addition to movie news & film discussions, I (Tim) give a mini biography of the award winning singer/writer/ actor/ filmmaker Dale Anderson, my grandfather.  So sit back and enjoy this weeks episode SUBCULTURED: TATAS & TOGAS.

*UPDATE: Michael Bay unapologized for Armagedon after the recording of this episode. Our hopes and dreams are shattered.*

Movies: The Comedy, Rampart & Oblivion

3²: Favorite Martial Arts Fight Scenes: Hand To Hand Combat

Next Week!

Movies: Pain & Gain, 42 & Headhunters

3²: Favorite Trilogy


(All music within the podcast is copyrighted 2010 - 2013 by Cries of Solace and is used with permission, with the exception of the music used during the Dale Anderson mini biography. The use of that music was used  with permission from Firefly productions and the Anderson family)

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