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Welcome to Episode 361 of the SLS Cast w/Matt and Tim. Sit back, relax and take a trip through the Silver Lenticular Screen with The SLS Cast!       N...View Details

IN CONVERSATION W/...: [00:04:25] Jacob Kiesling (@_jacobkies) & Zach Schlapkohl (@Axem_Zach) co-directors of the zombie-mockumentary "What Doesn'...View Details

DID IT AGE WELL?/WAS IT WORTHY?: (00:11:18) "Schindler's List" (1993/2018 re-release)   FLICKS:"Minding the Gap" (2018) [00:38:54]SLS Cast rating: n/a...View Details

MAILSACK: (00:10:06) Mail from "Diane of the Night" (@Dianae173)     I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO HATED IT: (00:15:06) MATT'S PICK: "Harry Potter and the Sorc...View Details

{Please note that the original episode became corrupt and was lost. You are being subjected to the raw backup Skype recording with zero edits. We apo...View Details

32: (00:02:34) ANTICIPATED FLICKS THAT WERE NEVER MADE Matt's Picks: "Superman Lives" The 25 Greatest Movies Never Made (IndieWire)   "Batman: Year On...View Details

NEWS (00:07:45): MoviePass Launches New Bundle With Bankrupt iHeartRadio: Here's What It Means via Deadline MoviePass Switcheroo: No Mpre Rep...View Details





(00:29:30) "First They Killed My Father"

SLS Cast rating: 4.25 Matt's rating: 4.5 Tim's rating: 4   

    NE...View Details

MAIL SACK: (00:05:00) From Dianae @Dianae173    FLICKS: 

(00:09:30) "Wind River" (2017)

SLS Cast rating: 4.25 Matt's rating: 4 Tim's rating: 4.25 ...View Details

    News (00:06:15):    Masterpiece Discussion (00:31:50): The Films From the Five Who Came Back John Ford: "They Were Expendable" (1946) William Wyl...View Details

    News (00:10:53):     Crème-de-la-crap: (00:40:45)   "The Apple" (1980)       The Flicks: (01:04:54) "Mean Dreams" SLS Cast Rating: 4.25  Matt's ...View Details

News (00:13:25):   The Flicks:  (00:40:10) "20th Century Women" SLS Cast Rating: 4.25  Matt's Rating: 4 Tim's Rating: 4.5 (00:47:10) "Tanna" SLS Cast ...View Details

Howdy Doody!News (00:08:40)3²/Masterpiece Discussion: Philip Seymour Hoffman Flicks/How P.S.H. Became One of Our Finest Actors  (00:44:...View Details

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