Welcome to Episode 361 of the SLS Cast w/Matt and Tim. Sit back, relax and take a trip through the Silver Lenticular Screen with The SLS Cast!
NEWS: [00:10:34]
Caroll Spinney, Who Played Big Bird And Oscar On 'Sesame Street,' Dies At 85 (via NPR)
'Star Trek' and 'Fallout' actor Rene Auberjonois has passed away (via ars Technica)
Martin Scorsese’s Biggest Opening Weekend Ever Was on Netflix — but There’s a Catch (via IndieWire)
Box Office Bomb: ‘Playmobil’ Flops in Historic Fashion (via Variety)
Filmmaker Sues Feds Over "Unconstitutional" Fees to Shoot in National Parks (via THR)
'The Farewell' [00:44:25]
SLS Cast rating: 4.25 / Matt's rating: 4 / Tim's rating: 4.5

'Marriage Story' [00:52:32]
SLS Cast rating: 3.75 / Matt's rating: 3.5 / Tim's rating: 4
'Dark Waters' (Theater)
'The Report' (Amazon)
Until Next Time Cinephiles...
'Marriage Story' Trailer (HERE)
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