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Masterpiece Discussion (00:39:00): A Look Back on the Past Hundred (Consecutive) Episodes > Featuring: Jeremy from 'The WoW Factor Show,' Sam, the 'Midnight Movie Knights' and Matt's wife!

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"Killing Them Softly"  SLS Cast Rating: 3.75  Matt's Rating: 4  Tim's Rating: 3.25
"Cuban Fury" (1987)  SLS Cast Rating: 2.75  Matt's Rating: 2.75 Tim's Rating: 2.75
"Nightcrawler"  SLS Cast Rating: 4.75 Matt's Rating: 4.75 Tim's Rating: 4.75


3²: Best Baseball Movies
The Flicks: "Interstellar" "Big Hero 6" & "V/H/S: Viral" 

See you for another 100 episodes Cinephiles...

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