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Masterpiece Discussion (00:44:45): Dark Side of Oz: The Exploitation of Judy Garland  


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(00:58:00) "The Invitation" (2015)  SLS Cast Rating: 3  Matt's Rating: 2.25 Tim's Rating: 3.25    
(01:06:00) "Look Who's Back"  SLS Cast Rating: 3.5  Matt's Rating: 3.5 Tim's Rating: 3.5   
(01:17:35) "The Jungle Book" (2016) SLS Cast Rating: 3.5  Matt's Rating: 3.75 Tim's Rating: 3.25    





Did It Age Well? > "Purple Rain" (1984)    
The Flicks: "Green Room" "High-Rise" "The Lady in the Van"    

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