Episode 30: XXX with Only One Porn Reference (7/8/2013)




News (00:22:10):

Reboot Episode 12: Tweeny Bopping (3/3/2013)






Worst Movie Accents
Episode 79: An Entertaining Cadre of Igmoes (6/13/2014)


Masterpiece Discussion (01:15:15):

Episode 126: Exposition: Age of Killface (5/8/2015)




 The Flicks: 

(01:37:12) "Rubber"
Original Episode 6 (7/20/2011)  
(01:54:54) "Hobo With a Shotgun"
Original Episode 10 (9/27/2011)





Was it Worthy?: "Jack and Jill" (2011)
Flicks: "Alien: Covenant" (Theater)



Until Next Time Cinephiles...         


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('Shit Your Pants' is a parody of 'Safety Dance' by Men Without Hats. Parody lyrics by Matthew Quinton.


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