Happy Father's Day Folks!

Welcome to The SLS Cast with Matt & Tim. We have a superb episode for you guys today. Join us, as we discuss the passing of Esther Williams, horrible photoshopping, Matt's childhood fantasy of hosting "Tic-Tac-Dough,"  "Puberty With Archie," Chewbacca vs. TSA and more! If you have any input about the show or if you'd like to drop us a comment, please do so. Comment on the episode, email us and follow us on Facebook & Twitter.

3²: Good movies where the main character dies at the end

Movies: "End Of Watch," "Miller's Crossing" & "The Purge"

Next Week!

I, Tim, will be  bronzing in Hawaii, while jamming to Meat Loaf and indulging myself in hula pies and lava flows. In the meantime, Matt will be joined by our buddy Sam. They will discuss "This Is The End" & the 2012 remake of "Total Recall."


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