NEWS (00:14:32):
Patricia Morison Dies: Glamourous Movie Star of the 1940s Was 103 via Deadline
Jimmy Nickerson Dies: Veteran Hollywood Stuntman on 'Rock', 'Raging Bull' & Dozens Of Others via Deadline
Disney Considering Letting John Lasseter Reutrn in Limited Role via Screen Rant
Pixar's John Lasseter Takes Leave of Absence After Citing "Missteps" in Vague Memo via Vanity Fair
"The Rachel Divide" (00:42:55)
SLS Cast rating: 3.75 Matt's rating: 4.25 Tim's rating: 3
"Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool" (00:58:37)
SLS Cast rating: 4 Matt's rating: 3.75 Tim's rating: 4
"Deadpool 2" (01:07:56)
SLS Cast rating: 3.5 Matt's rating: 4.5 Tim's rating: 2.5
"Overboard" (1987) vs "Overboard" (2018)
"Mohawk" (VOD) and "I Kill Giants" (VOD)
Until Next Time Cinephiles...
"The Rachel Divide" Trailer (HERE) 
"Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool" Trailer (HERE)
"Deadpool 2" Trailer (HERE)  


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