Special Guest: Johnny Whitetrash (@WhitetrashShow)
NEWS: (00:14:28)
Twentieth Century Fox Pulls Scene from 'The Predator' After Director Shane Black Casts His Friend,
a Registered Sex Offender (Los Angeles Times)
Shane Black Apologizes for Casting Registered Sex Offender in 'The Predator' (Los Angeles Times)
Olivia Munn in 'The Predator:' The Actress Says She's Been Shunned After Speaking Out
About a Registered Sex Offender in the Cast (Slate)
Burt Reynolds Dead: 'Deliverance,' 'Boogie Nights' Star Was 82 (The Hollywood Reporter) 
New Popular Oscar Category Postponed by Academy (The Hollywood Reporter)
Mattel Launches Film Division as Sony's Options Masters of the Universe and Barbie Expire (Flickering Myth)
FLICKS (47:51):
The Nun (00:48:43)
SLS Cast rating: 2.25 Matt's rating: 2  Tim's rating: 2.5
Searching (01:07:17)
SLS Cast rating: 3.75 Matt's rating: 3.5 Tim's rating: 4
Operation Finale (01:20:16)
SLS Cast rating: 3.5 Matt's rating: 3 Tim's rating: 4
"The Predator" (2018) Theater & "White Boy Rick" Theater
Until Next Time Cinephiles...
"The Nun" Trailer (HERE)
"Searching" Trailer (HERE)
"Operation Finale" Trailer (HERE)
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