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Welcome to this weeks edition of The SLS Cast with Matt & Tim. On this episode, we chat about a number of deliciously entertaining topics. These topics range from conversations about the Cyrillic alphabet  to A.I. We give you guys an update on the Warner Bros/Weinstein Co. debacle, JP4 plot details, Dustin Hoffman on the significance of his role in Tootsie, Guillermo del Toro news and so Much MORE!

3²: Our picks for the best movies from a screenwriter turned director

The Flicks: Despicable Me 2, The Lone Ranger & The General

Next week!

3²: Most memorable part in a film made by a musical artist (Ex. Prince in Purple Rain)

The Flicks: Pacific Rim, Expendables 2 & London Boulevard

Do enjoy and don't forget to leave us a comment.

Cheers! (All music within the podcast is copyrighted 2010 - 2013 by Cries of Solace and is used with permission. Additional copyrighted material used under Fair Use for the purposes of  [including, but not limited to]: criticism, comment, and news reporting.)

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