Woman drinking wine from Pringles can banned from Walmart (via Yahoo/Associated Press)
NEWS: [00:06:45]
It’s Official: Eddie Murphy Will Star In 'Coming to America 2' (via Birth.Movies.Death.)
Verna Bloom, Actress in ‘Animal House,’ ‘High Plains Drifter,’ Dies at 80 (via Variety)
Even Netflix Didn't Want Holmes and Watson, Refusing to Buy It from Sony (via Movieweb)
Paul Schrader Says His Next Film Will Be A Western Starring Ethan Hawke & Willem Dafoe (via The Playlist)
Christopher McQuarrie Is Making Two More 'Mission Impossible' Movies Back to Back (via io9)
Screen Gems Wins Deal To Turn Ubisoft Video Game ‘Just Dance’ Into Movie (via Deadline)
"Ben is Back" [00:33:42]
SLS Cast rating: n/a Matt's rating: 3.5 Tim's rating: n/a
"Mary Queen of Scots" [00:39:11]
SLS Cast rating: 4.25 Matt's rating: 4.5 Tim's rating: 4
"If Beale Street Could Talk" [00:48:00]
SLS Cast rating: 4.25 Matt's rating: 4 Tim's rating: 4.5


"On the Basis of Sex" Theater
"Glass" Theater


Until Next Time Cinephiles...
"Ben is Back" Trailer (HERE)
"Mary Queen of Scots" Trailer (HERE)
"If Beale Street Could Talk" Trailer (HERE)


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