NEWS: [00:08:34]
Dr. Alien, PhD: the horror classic that everyone loves (via The Guardian)
Special Effects Legend John Carl Buechler Passes Away at 66 (via Bloody Disgusting)
Sidney Sheinberg, MCA/Universal Exec Who Nurtured Steven Spielberg, Dies at 84
(via Variety)
Should Movies be Watched on iPhones? Spike Lee, Ryan Coogler, and More Debate
 (via Indiewire)
Netflix is Testing a Mobile-Only Plan That Costs Less Than $4 Per Month (via /Film)
BOND 25 Report: Eclipse! Camera! Action?
FLICK: [00:42:41]
"Us" (2019)
The SLS Cast Rating: 3.75 Matt's Rating: 4 Tim's Rating: 3.5
"Dumbo" (2019) Theater & "Dumbo" (1941) VOD
Until Next Time Cinephiles...
"Us" (2019) Trailer (HERE)
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