Welcome to Episode 351 of the SLS Cast w/Matt and Tim. Sit back, relax and take a trip through the Silver Lenticular Screen with The SLS Cast!
NEWS: [00:10:31]
Daniel Craig Wraps “No Time To Die” Shoot (via Dark Horizons)
Spider-Man Back In Action As Sony Agrees To Disney Co-Fi For New Movie, Return To MCU: How Spidey’s Web Got Untangled
(via Deadline)
Warner Bros. Issues ‘Joker’ Statement: The Film is Not “An Endorsement of Real-World Violence of Any Kind” (via Slash Film)
“Downton Abbey” (2019) [00:30:45]
SLS Cast rating: 4.5 / Matt's rating: 4.5 / Tim's rating: 4.5
“Ad Astra” [00:46:02]
SLS Cast rating: 2 / Matt's rating: 2 / Tim's rating: 2
'The Invisible Man' (1933)
'The Invisible Man Returns' (1940)
'The Invisible Woman' (1940)
Until Next Time Cinephiles...
'Downton Abbey' (2019) Trailer (HERE)
'Ad Astra' Trailer (HERE)
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