Cut to the chase!

On this less talk-more ACTION edition of the SLS Cast, Matt is sickly and I have a wicked cut on my tongue. But we don't let any of that slow us down, because we are inspired by the American edits of foreign flicks and oh my do we have an explosively-rushed, forced & mind-numbingly perfect episode for you this week. We discuss Ron Jeremy, Los Angeles traffic, crazy 2014/2015 releases, Jurassic World, the return of Kodak film stock and the preference of film over digital, the transformation of John Alberto Leguizamo & so Much MORE!

3² :Three Favorite Patrick Wilson Flicks (Because he's been in everything as of late)
The Flicks: The Grandmaster, It's A Disaster & Withnail & I


Masterpiece Discussion: Matt Looker's article 50 Movies That Are Longer Than They Should Be and whether or not his reasoning is legitament.
The Flicks: 52 Pick-Up, Insidious: Chapter 2 & The Family

Until Next Time Cinephiles...

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