G'day, moving image enthusiasts!

Last night was the Emmys and if you watched it, then you probably need something to redeem some of the time that you lost. Why not our latest episode!?! Informative, rambunctious, randy & fascinating are only a few words to describe Episode 41: Leggo My Proverbial Blue Eggo. Listen in as we discuss the Unforgiven remake, Insidious: Chapter 2 box office results, iPhone limiting plot lines, the lowest grossing film of 2012 & so Much MORE! 

Masterpiece Discussion: Matt Looker's article 50 Movies That Are Longer Than They Should Be and whether or not his reasoning is legitimate.
The Flicks: 52 Pick-Up, Insidious: Chapter 2 & The Family


3²: Our Three Favorite Most Quotable Flicks
The Flicks: Riddick, The Details
& Drowning Mona

Until Next Time Cinephiles...

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