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Welcome to Episode 42 of The SLS Cast with Matt & Tim. On this episode, you'll learn the answer to the most sought-after question in the world, what's the meaning of life? In addition, be amazed by 85 minutes of entertainment as Matt & I discuss Jackie Chan's Beijing theme park, the "Blue is the Warmest Color" controversy, Bruckheimer leaves Disney for a more mature relationship, Disney reacts to the controversial "Escape From Tomorrow" and another edition of Kickin' the Bale. Plus much Much MORE!

3²: Our Three Favorite Most Quotable Comedies (Ex: "The Big Lebowski" & "Withnail & I")
The Flicks: "Riddick," "The Details" & "Drowning Mona"


Masterpiece Discussion: Bill Gibron's PopMatters article "10 Great Films Considered failures in Their Time"
Flicks: "Prisoners," "Rush," "Blade," "Shadow of the Vampire" & "Daybreakers"

Until Next Time Cinephiles...

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