O'er a' the ills o' life victorious!

News: (00:10:50)

Masterpiece Discussion (00:41:07): THR article > "UCLA Diversity Study Blasts Hollywood as 'Woefully ou of Touch'"

The Flicks (01:03:30): 
"Stand Up Guys"  SLS Cast Rating: 3.25   Matt's Rating: 3    Tim's Rating: 3.5
"Sightseers"  SLS Cast Rating: 2.75     Matt's Rating: 1     Tim's Rating: 4.5
"Stolen" (2012)  SLS Cast Rating: 2.5    Matt's Rating: 2.5     Tim's Rating: 2.5


Masterpiece Discussion: The Daily Mail Online article: "The resurrection of Mel Gibson: Calls for actor to be accepted back in Hollywood fold fall on deaf ears as film bosses stay away" 
The Flicks: "Noah" "The Grand Budapest Hotel" and "Booker's Place: A Mississippi Story"

Until Next Time Cinephiles...

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