I'll bet living in a nudist colony takes all the fun out of Halloween. ~Author Unknown

News (00:22:20):

Masterpiece Discussion (00:43:18) - ScreenCrush.com article - The Difference Between a Great Horror Movie and a Great Halloween Movie

The Flicks (00:58:25): 
"John Wick"  SLS Cast Rating: 4.5  Matt's Rating: 4.5  Tim's Rating: 4.5

Horror Flicks > Possessions
"Prince of Darkness" (1987)
SLS Cast Rating: 3.5  Matt's Rating: 4 Tim's Rating: 3
"Annabelle"  SLS Cast Rating: 3.25  Matt's Rating: 3.75 Tim's Rating: 2.75
"Ouija"  SLS Cast Rating: 1.5  Matt's Rating: 2Tim's Rating: 1


Segment Three: A look back on our last 100 (consecutive) episodes! 
The Flicks: "Nighcrawler" "Killing Them Softly" & "Cuban Fury" 

Until Next Time Cinephiles...

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Audio Links:
- Segment One Opening: Nick Guerra @ Laugh Factory
- Hollywood Walk of Fame Brawl:
- McKamey Manor:
- Segment Two Opening: Aries Spears @ Showtime Special
- Segment Four Opening: Eddie Murphy @ RAW
- Segment Four: Pat Robertson @ Right Wing Watch

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