Here's a little Fall treat from THE SLS CAST. We hope that you enjoy it!

Halloween invites the undead, the paranormal and the unimaginable into our lives. And tonight, you will be listening to a real life encounter with one of these three frightening nouns. You will be listening to a real recording of a broadcast that was made many years ago in the quaint town of Rosewood. You may have passed through this town during long car trips, but the Rosewood now is quite different from the Rosewood of the past. What you are about to hear might be the only evidence of why this is so. The audio has been enhanced so that you will be able to listen to every horrifying aspect. All you will need to do is turn on a lamp, grab a glass of warm milk and grab hold of someone close because you are now entering "SECTOR SLS: THE GOVERNING MIGRANT."

Matt: Dr. Howard Hockenhul

Tim: Migrant

Written & Edited By: Tim


See you folks in a couple of days for Episode 47!

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