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Welcome to Episode 345 of the SLS Cast w/Matt and Tim. Sit back, relax and take a trip through the Silver Lenticular Screen with The SLS Cast!       3...View Details

32: [00:03:40] THREE FLICKS WE'D LIKE TO SEE REMADE Matt's Pics: "Star Wars" Prequel Trilogy Tim's Pics: "Metropolis" (1927) "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, M...View Details

32: [00:08:01] Three Favorite Flicks [before the age of twelve]   FLICKS:"Bohemian Rhapsody" [00:33:17]SLS Cast rating: 3.25 Matt's rating: 3.5 Tim's ...View Details

NEWS: (00:06:04) What's next for MoviePass? (CNN Money) Fox Searchlight Will Keep Doing ‘What It Does Best’ Under New Disney Ownership (IndieWire)   ...View Details

32: (00:02:34) ANTICIPATED FLICKS THAT WERE NEVER MADE Matt's Picks: "Superman Lives" The 25 Greatest Movies Never Made (IndieWire)   "Batman: Year On...View Details

NEWS (00:09:07): John Lasseter to Exit Disney at End of the Year (THR)


3²: ENSEMBLE HEIST FLICKS (00:25:36): MATT'S PICS: "He...View Details

3² (00:11:50): Dinner Party Moments or Scenes (not "Dinner Table" scenes)   Matt's Picks: "Murder By Death" (1976) "Indiana Jones and the...View Details

  News (00:15:25):       3² (00:46:35): Three Roger Moore era "Bond" Flicks         The Flicks:    (01:05:40) "Wild Seed" (1965)

SLS Cast rating: 2...View Details

      Opening: Episode 30: XXX with Only One Porn Reference (7/8/2013)       News (00:22:10): Reboot Episode 12: Tweeny Bopping (3/3/2013)         3² ...View Details


    News (00:16:10):     Masterpiece Discussion (00:40:40): Peter Coyote's Open Letter Regarding Open Pay via       The Flicks: 

(01...View Details

    News (00:12:20):     3²: Slow Burn Movies (00:38:40): Matt's Pics: "Let the Right One In" (2008) "Se7en" (1995) & "The Witch" (2015) Tim's Pi...View Details

News (00:09:45):   3² (00:40:00): Favorite Movie Openings Matt's Pics: "Star Trek" (2009) "The Way of the Gun" (2000) & "Desperado" (1995) Tim's P...View Details

News (00:15:35):   3² (00:41:10): Worst Universal Movies     The Flicks:  (00:52:50) "Hidden Figures" SLS Cast Rating: 4  Matt's Rating: 4 Tim's Ratin...View Details

News (00:14:45):   3² (00:40:00): Ant-Christmas Movies     The Flicks:  (00:58:40) "Bad Santa 2" SLS Cast Rating: n/a  Matt's Rating: 3.75 Tim's Ratin...View Details

News (00:10:53):     3²  (00:39:15): Forgotten Actresses > Matt's Pic: Helen Slater  Tim's Pic: Meg Foster     The Flicks:    (00:55:05) "Doctor St...View Details

News (00:10:15):


3² (00:32:30): Gene Wilder Flicks

The Flicks: 

(00:52:35) "Blood Father" SLS Cast Rating: 3.75  Matt's Rating: 4.25 T...View Details

News (00:16:20):  

3² (00:47:15): Bad Paramount Flicks

The Flicks: 

(01:07:555) "The Phenom" SLS Cast Rating: 2.5  Matt's Rating: 3 Tim's Rating:...View Details

News (00:05:30):

3² (00:35:20): Back to School Movies

The Flicks: 

(00:53:25) "Sausage Party" SLS Cast Rating: 2.5  Matt's Rating: 3 Tim's Ratin...View Details

News (00:12:55):  

Masterpiece Discussion (00:41:55): Article < The Hateful Life and the Spiteful Death Of The Man Who Was Vigo The ...View Details


3²: Three Favorite Bad Guy Songs 

The Flicks: 

"Finding Dory"  SLS Cast Rating: 3  Matt's Rating: 3...View Details

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